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Dear brothers, sisters and friends we are glad to welcome you on the official web site of Prem Jyoti Custody. Prem Jyoti Custody is a part of the Franciscan Capuchin Order spread throughout the world. Indeed St. Francis our Founder lived in the 12th century and rebuilt the church which was falling into ruins. Today he is still relevant and may be more in our present times when we face gruesome reality where a brother is killing a brother, where families are getting broken because of lack of love and commitment, where women are not given their due dignity, where each one is drawn by the spirit of selfishness and pride. St. Francis encountered each person as his brother or sister. His divine experience even embraced the whole nature so much so that he called sun brother and moon sister.

Thus he witnessed a Universal Brotherhood which we need to live in our individual and communitarian life. The friars of Prem Jyoti Custody are putting their humble efforts to create this Universal Brotherhood of dignity, relationship and love by their various apostolate and by their vary life. We are glad to have you on our web site. In case of any prayer request or query please feel free to contact us. Have an enriching and inspiring browsing…

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